Why Northern Crisis Persists, by Aliyu

Niger State Governor, Dr. Babangida Aliyu, has given an insight into the crisis afflicting the northern part of the country, especially the unrelenting security threat by Boko Haram, suggesting a possible way out. In a special interview published in London in the January 2012 edition of Africa Today magazine issued by the publisher, Mr. Kayode Soyinka, Aliyu, who is also chairman of the Northern Governors’ Forum (NGF), identified injustice, youth unemployment, breakdown of the family system, neglect of the traditional institution, poor planning, and the brainwashing of impressionable youths by mischievous Islamic clerics as some of the factors militating against the region.

He said: “You used to beg people to go to school, now you have gotten some that have gone to school and you have not been able to give them what they might think is their right,” adding: “Then you have another group that has lost out either in the western education or Islamic education.” “These were not the case before. There was concern for the extended family and by that it goes to the larger community. But that seems to have broken down now. The people are becoming more nuclear without the commensurate feeling,” Aliyu alleged.

Aliyu described the present happenings as evidence of poor planning and research, as well as poor intelligence gathering adding: “If you were told 10, 20 years ago that a Nigerian could be bombing the place you would say not in northern Nigeria.”



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