Nigeria’s Budget…. Security beats 12 ministries combined

The Security sector is to guzzle N922 billion next year, amounting to more than the combined allocations of 12 Federal ministries, according to a breakdown of the N4.7 trillion 2012 budget proposal presented by President Jonathan yesterday. The president presented the appropriations bill at a joint sitting of the National Assembly in Abuja, where he also said the downstream petroleum sector would be liberalised next year, effectively removing fuel subsidies.

Explaining the huge security votes, Jonathan said government plans to invest massively in security “including providing more support for the police, defence and counter-terrorism operations. We recognise that we can only achieve the developmental goals in a secure and peaceful environment.” The security budget is distantly trailed by allocations for Education (N400 billion), Health (N283 billion), Works (N180 billion), Power (161 billion) and Agriculture (79 billion). It also amounts to more than the combined allocations for Health, Power, Agriculture, Water Resources (N39 billion), Petroleum (N59.7 billion), Aviation (N49 billion), Transport (N54 billion), Lands and Housing (N26 billion), Science and Technology (N30.8 billion), Niger Delta (N59 billion), FCT (N45.6 billion) and Communication Technology (N18 billion).


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