Monarch chides UN, govt over Bakassi

CITING insensitivity, the paramount ruler of Bakassi and Chairman, Cross River State Traditional Rulers’ Council, Etinyin Etim Okon Edet, has chided the United Nations (UN) and the Federal Government of Nigeria for seeking need assessment 10 years after the ceding of Bakassi. Receiving the UN/FG need assessment team in his palace, the monarch described the handling of Bakassi issues by the UN and Federal Government as very disappointing. Edet said: “I do not want to receive any team again or discuss the Bakassi problem with anybody, whether White or Black. We have since left the matter in the hands of God.

“Since the International Court of Justice (ICJ) judgment, I have received a good number of teams and with the same message, but no visible action. Succour has since been made available to other parts of the country, which was equally ceded. Your coming here today to carry out need assessment after several years of suffering of the Bakassi people is very disappointing. I must confess to you that after the visit of the last team, I had promised that I would no longer speak to any team in the world on the Bakassi issue. “I have received and welcomed you but I am telling you that this visit is medicine after death. I have never seen a patient being treated long after he had died. My people and I are extremely very unhappy about the handling of the Bakassi problem”.


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