‘Fix refineries before removing subsidy’- Gowon

Former Head of State Gen. Yakubu Gowon (rtd) yesterday called for the repair of the refineries before the removal of fuel subsidy. He said fuel subsidy should be withdrawn with minimal pain to the people as he called for an end to importation of petroleum products. Gen. Gowon spoke in Umuahia where, on behalf of the Carter Foundation Centre, distributed mosquito treated nets and initiated collaboration with the Abia State government on prevention of malaria.

The former Head of State said: “If all the refineries in the country are working at normal capacity and importation of petroleum products is stopped, the price of fuel will stabilise and the suffering of the people will be reduced.” Gen. Gowon said if the contrary is done, the prices of goods and services will be too high for the common man, adding that the problem that will come after it might be too much for those in authority to handle. He advised that the funds that will be saved from the removal of fuel subsidy should be channelled into infrastructure and other amenities.



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