FG: No apology to US, UK over anti-gay bill

The Federal Government said the country reserves the right to make laws without apologies to any other country. Information Minister Labaran Maku stated this yesterday while speaking out against the United States of America’s and the United Kingdom’s opposition to an anti-gay bill just passed by the Senate.

“Let me make the point clear, our country is an independent country, we reserve the right to make our laws without apologies to other countries,” he said.

Maku, who spoke at the end of a weekly Federal Executive Council meeting presided by Jonathan at the Council Chamber of the State House, Abuja, said Nigeria’s democracy would only be guarded by the country’s interest and values.

“Let me say this, the reported comments by the U.S. government about the proposed law by the Senate about same sex marriages in Nigeria has not fully come to government for a position. But let me say this, we live in a democracy, we live in a free country, we live in an independent country.

“As you know, Senate has passed a version of a law relating to same sex marriages, that law has not yet gone through House of Representatives not to talk of becoming a law that will be forwarded to the president for assent. “But even if it becomes law, Nigeria reserves the right as an independent nation to live under laws that are democratically passed by the National Assembly.”



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