Nigeria Drops 9 Steps in 2011 Corruption Index

Nigeria was Thursday ranked 143rd out of 183 surveyed countries in terms of public perception of corruption, in a detailed assessment carried out by global watchdog, Transparency International (TI). The country, with the latest result, dropped nine places from her ranking of 134th in 2010, although 178 countries were assessed last year. Nigeria also maintained her score of 2.4 out of a possible 10 marks, same as last year.

In the latest global Corruption Perception Index (CPI), which was released in Berlin, Germany Thursday, New Zealand emerged first with a score of 9.5, where 0 signifies the highest level of corruption perception and 10 portrays a country that is “totally clean” of corruption. Somalia came last with a ranking of 183 and a perception score of 1.0, tying with North Korea, which was included in the global CPI for the first time. The North African nation also came last in 2010, with a ranking of 178 and 1.1 marks.

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